Do! Spring - The Best Simple To Do List

Released/Do! Spring 2011.05.18 21:04

✔ The easiest way to use ‘To Do List’ in the iPhone.

✔ Do not miss any schedules by using ‘Do!’, which provides an easy and quick organization!

✔ A realistic ball pen & paper sound effect!

✔Aren’t you tired of complicated To Do Lists? So, I made this app for you guys.

✔ Do not waste any more time in organizing To Do List.
✔ It is not suitable for people who want complicated functions!
✔ You don't need to study this app. just follow your instinct.
✔ No more stiff basic fonts!

✔ Simple completion check! Now simply double tap!
- When you double tap, it will be completed in ‘To Do List’.

✔ Features!
- Extremely simple input, simpler than any other To Do
- Realistic font as if directly writing on note
- Provision of perfect iPhone 4 retina display
- Password function for privacy protection (initial password : 0000)
- Realistic interface as if directly writing on note
- Change order of To Do
- Date display function
- Simple completion check
- Application Badge
- To Do Item can Modify
- Set Color Label in To Do Item
- Set specific date
- Selectable Font
- Sound On /Off

✔ Support :





  • kaffy 2011.09.05 15:38 신고 ADDR 수정/삭제 답글

    will the next version add a sync function to calendar?

    • Favicon of BlogIcon newsu1 2011.09.06 00:02 신고 수정/삭제

      Now, we don't have plan for sync with calendar function.
      I'm so sorry.

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    • Favicon of BlogIcon newsu1 2013.02.24 18:14 신고 수정/삭제

      Sorry, it is impossible sync with ipad & iphone automatically.

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